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Fitness Plan Day 155- Here’s how you can burn more calories

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Exercise and diet are vital when it comes to losing weight. But while you may be spending hours at the gym, you may not be burning that many calories as you should. This fitness plan will help increase your calorie burn.

Early morning
You may be cursing your alarm early morning but waking up early can have a big payoff. Morning exercises burn most calories. And why not, you are full of energy, and you work harder for longer periods. A morning workout will also help you stick to it and thus aid in your weight loss journey.

Healthy recipes
Breakfast: If are a North Indian and must have parathas, avoid alu parathas and make it a mixed vegetable paratha with less oil/ghee/butter. If you’re from the South, you can have idlis, dosa, uttappa but avoid the fried medu wada.

Lunch: Whole grain is a smart choice because your body burns more calories as it breaks down these fibre-rich grains as opposed to processed foods that are high in calorie count and do not have much fibre. Try preparing this healthy barley (jau) roti  for lunch.

Evening snack: A handful of almonds in the evening can pack quite a healthy punch. These nuts are rich in protein that helps build muscle, thereby keeping your metabolism steady and speedy.

Dinner: Eat a light dinner yet filling and eat it by 7:30 PM. We Indians are used to eating a heavy and late dinner. Since there is very less gap between your dinner and sleep time, the digestion is affected and can wreck your weight loss plans. This barley soup can be a good option for dinner.

At home: When it comes to cardio and burning calories, running can be more helpful than simply walking. When you are on the treadmill, increase your speed gradually to feel the burn even more. Also, add intervals to your run to lose more weight and even belly fat.

At the gym: The more muscles you build, the easier for you it is to lose weight. Include strength training moves such as push-ups and do the thigh and butt workout. Make your muscles work even harder by using an exercise ball.

Yoga: Opt for more rigorous yoga styles like ashtanga and vinyasa to burn more calories. Also, try and hold the poses for longer. The longer you engage your muscles, the more calories you burn. Also, ensure not to rest between the yoga poses.

Sleep well tip
Too many cups of coffee during the day can disrupt your sleep. So just stick to 1 or 2 cups and also do not go overboard with tea as the caffeine in it will also not let you get that restful sleep.

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Disclaimer: If you follow a fitness plan already, consult your nutritionist before switching to this one. If you are allergic to any of the foods/ingredients mentioned, please do not consume it. Do not follow this plan without consulting your doctor if you suffer from a health condition — hypertension, hypotension, diabetes, etc. or are pregnant.



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