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You can lose weight with cabbage — here’s how

Cabbage for weight loss

If you are someone who is trying to lose weight and haven’t seen too much success, then this home remedy is for you. Considered excellent for weight loss, cabbage is an easily available vegetable that can be used in a number of ways to aid the entire weight loss process.

How it works
According to Dr HK Bhakru, cabbage or patta gobi contains a chemical agent called tartaric acid, that inhibits the conversion of sugar and carbohydrates into fat. Apart from that, its high fibre content helps cleanse your stomach and keep you full for longer and beat food cravings. Low in calories and packed with essential nutrients, this vegetable helps fulfill your nutritional requirements as well. You may also like to read more about the health benefits of cabbage.

How to use it
Having some cabbage salad instead of a full meal is a great idea. If salads are not something you like, adding to clear soup is also a great way to reap its benefits.

Cabbage salad recipe

You will need:
Crushed peanuts (with the peel)
A hand full of pomegranate pearls
Shredded cabbage
Chat masala
Lemon juice

Mix all the ingredients and add chaat masala and lemon as per your taste. Your salad is ready.

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