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5 foods brides should avoid before their wedding

Altered and carefully placed on its hanger, your wedding dress is ready and waiting for you. But will your measurements be the same on the big day? It’s a question that many future brides ask themselves, especially if they have chosen a particularly form-fitting gown. Of course, it is essential to exercise and avoid overeating in the months and weeks leading up to the wedding. But it’s also advisable to watch your intake of these five bloat-causing items for a few days before stepping into your gown.

Raw veggies
No one is suggesting cutting vegetables out of your diet, even for a few days. But when a flat stomach in the short term is top priority, it is a good idea to keep your salads small. Vegetables are exceptionally rich in fiber, which is essential to digestion but can also cause gas and bloating in its raw form. This is particularly true of raw broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. Skip the coleslaw and opt instead for steamed or roasted vegetables, which are easier to digest as the fibres have been partially broken down by the cooking process.

Milk and ice cream
If you have trouble digesting dairy products — as many people do — it’s obviously advisable to abstain in the days leading up to your wedding. Lactose intolerance, whether severe or mild, is due to a lack of lactase, the enzyme that breaks down milk proteins. For a calcium-rich treat that’s easier to digest, try yoghurt, as the proteins have been partially digested through the fermentation process.

Carbonated drinks
As you might expect, fizzy drinks introduce air into the digestive tract and can cause bloating. Calorie-rich sugary drinks are certainly out of the question, and even diet sodas contain sodium and other ingredients that can cause an upset tummy. Quench your thirst with water or an occasional cup of green tea. Read: Are soft drinks as bad as cigarettes?

White bread
Given the choice between white or wheat bread, it’s always preferable to opt for the latter, which tends to contain more fiber, vitamins and minerals. In contrast with raw vegetables, whole grain bread contains partially processed fiber that is easy to digest, meaning that it helps to ward of constipation without causing too much gas or bloating. Furthermore, white bread tends to have a lower satiety factor than wheat bread, which can lead to overeating. (Read: The Paleo diet – 7 reasons why you should eat like a caveman)

Fatty and salty foods
Digesting a bag of chips or a plate of fettucine alfredo is a long and complicated process. Creamy sauces, fried foods and other rich foods slow down the digestive tract, resulting in bloating. Excess salt, meanwhile, causes water retention. (Read: Weight loss diet plans for different calorie needs)

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