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4 types of chips to avoid and 3 types you should eat when trying to lose weight

Chips weight loss

The one thing you are not supposed to eat while on a weight loss plan is junk food. You have to not only watch the type of food you eat but also watch the amount of food you eat. You can eat as many vegetables you want, but no chips, no French fries and nothing that is fried, salted or sweetened. I think the worst part is not being able to stuff your mouth with a handful of chips and slowly and steadily enjoying the salt and the crunch dissolve in your mouth.  But, who says you can’t eat chips at all when you are on a diet regimen?

Dr Neha Sanwalka, Nutritionist, says that you can always indulge in baked chips over fried chips. But, before you reach out for that pack of chips, remember not all baked chips are healthy either. Even if they are baked, they are empty calories. You derive no nutrition after eating them and only end up eating calories. Plus, when they are commercially made they are not 100% baked. Also, the packaging involves adding preservatives and their nutritive value goes for a toss.

Here’s a list of chips you can and cannot eat when you are on a weight loss diet.

Potato chips–A strict no. Even if it is baked. Potato chips are high in calories which serve no purpose to the body whatsoever.

Banana chips–You might think banana chips are healthy and they are even more healthy when baked, but are you are mistaken. Like potatoes, banana chips are rich in sugar and salt and are detrimental to your weight loss progress.

Tapioca chips–Tapioca chips are made from the roots of the cassava plant which is used in making soga or sabudana granules. Tapioca is rich in starch and has a lot of calories too. So like potato and banana chips, they are best avoided.

Jackfruit chips–Jackfruit chips as delicious and not just empty calories. Jackfruit is rich in iron and is a good source of energy but Dr Sanwalka says that most of its micronutrients get destroyed when the chips are fried.

Ragi chips–Ragi is rich in calcium and fibre and hence baked ragi chips are permitted when you are trying to lose weight. Ragi is also rich in iron which can prevent anaemia and is not just empty calories. However, everything in moderation is permitted and you must avoid over-eating.

Soy chips/ sticks–According to Dr Sanwalka, soy sticks could be your safest option when you are trying to control your weight. They are rich in protein and are baked which makes them healthier than other chips.

Nacho chips–Nacho chips are easily available everywhere. They are made from cornmeal which is gluten free and is rich in iron. They are low in calories and you can eat them once in a while. However, make sure you buy the baked ones and not the fried ones.

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