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Prevent weight gain with cauliflower


Next time you prepare potato salad, substitute some of the potato with lightly steamed cauliflower. Then add some mayonnaise and season. You and your guests will not know the difference. Not only does the salad look the same but it is delicious too. You also save on calories as well as gain nutrients, which are important for the functioning of your body

Added nutrition

For added nutrition you can add little pieces of broccoli or softly steamed carrots. This will add colour to your salad as well as increase its nutritional value.

Low fat or fat-free mayonnaise

Remember to use low fat or fat-free mayonnaise to further reduce the number of calories that you are taking in.

Serve smaller portions

You can also use smaller spoons to serve the salad, in order to help reduce the temptation of consuming larger portions of this delicious salad.

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