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Binge eating doesnt JUST make you fat - 5 reasons to stop

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Do you regularly find yourself burdened with discomfort and guilt because of the giant 'meal' you just ate?

(I think we can ALL relate on some level...) If so, you need to know that while feeling guilty isn't necessarily helping, you DO need to do something to put an end to these 'binges' as they are not doing your weight or your general health and well-being ANY good.

Here are some of the negative effects regular overeating could be having on your life:

1. The obvious one - weight gain

Regular overeating is a sure-fire way to gain weight fast. And not in a good (muscular weight) way either.

The weight you'll gain from gigantic feasts is going to be fat around your internal organs and fat under your skin - think belly fat and cellulite. Try to figure out if there’s a pattern to your binge eating… do you over indulge in social situations, or when you’re alone at home? Is it when you’re under a lot of pressure at work, or when you’re feeling upset about something?

Once you’ve identified the pattern, try to make a conscious effort to change your habit. However, it’s difficult to just STOP doing something… it’s easier to REPLACE it with something else. So if you’re feeling stressed, join a kickboxing gym class, if you’re bored, take up a new hobby, if you’re upset, try some yoga and deep breathing exercises.

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