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Squat to burn calories


Squatting can be an excellent way to burn calories. No resources needed, just a few seconds during your day is all you need.
At work or at home
Whether you’re at work or at home, performing squats is simple and easy to do. In between household chores, or during your tea break or lunch hour, can be the perfect time to get in some squats. You could even try doing them every time you return to your desk at the office.
How to squat
Medicinenet suggests the following: When at your desk chair, pretend you’re going to sit, but don’t - stop and come back up without using your arms. Always start squats by lowering your hips, not bending knees forward, and keeping your weight on your heels.
Try to squat about 15 to 20 times, throughout the day.
What does squatting do for you?
Squatting will help strengthen your quadriceps and will burn about 15 calories! Every calorie burned, counts toward weight loss.

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