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Losing weight with mind control

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Mind control

Losing weight and achieving your weight-loss targets timeously can be a simple process if you are headstrong, determined and focused on losing weight. Think about it for a minute – do you over indulge on foods that you know are high in calories? Are you tempted to consume foods that you are trying to avoid in order to drop some kilograms?

No mind control

If you do not have good mind control, you may find yourself cheating on your weight loss programme. This may involve secretly bingeing on foods or alternatively secretly starving yourself – both of which are bad for weight loss and your overall health.

What can you do?

Stay focused on the principles or rules that you set for yourself at the beginning of your weight loss programme. For example, if you allowed yourself to indulge in your favourite dessert only once a week, then stick to it. Resist indulging on additional days, thinking that you will skip dessert altogether the following week.

If you can master staying focused and having good mind control, losing weight may not be as difficult a process as you think!

Source: 'Lose a kilo' a week by Nishi Grover

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