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Shop online to prevent weight gain

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Whilst making a trip to the local supermarket can be a wonderful way to get some physical activity, it can also lead you to give in to unhealthy food temptations that are ever so prevalent in shopping malls, etc.

If you are prone to giving in to these cravings, then maybe doing your shopping online is made for you! There are some supermarkets that do offer this service, whereby you sit in front of your computer and select the items you want to purchase and pay for them electronically. Thereafter your groceries and other purchases will be delivered to your door.

You may find this experience time-, money- and calorie saving and definitely worth the effort. You could possibly use the time saved in this way to workout at home or elsewhere. Go for a walk or run, play sport or even clean the house and burn some calories - or any activity which will aid weight loss and leave you feeling and looking great!

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