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How to get back on the weight-loss wagon

Weight loss

Back on the weight-loss wagon

We have all been there before, you know, the sitting on the couch with a slab of chocolate when you know you should be eating an apple.

It’s easy to justify why you need the chocolate and how you’ll start again tomorrow. But, how many tomorrows has it been since you fell off the wagon?

You’re human, it’s okay to fall off the wagon every once in a while, the trick is knowing how to pick yourself back up.

Set short term goals

One step at a time, one meal and one sip at a time - this should become your daily mantra and goal.

This may seem simple enough, but these small steps can become long-term goals, which is exactly what we need to follow through. A good mini goal to start with is to drink more water, then once you’ve achieved this you can move onto the next goal.

These goals should be unique to you, so think about what your struggles and triggers are and create goals to help you overcome them.

Recognise your weaknesses

Speaking of challenges and triggers, recognising your weaknesses will allow you to prepare for future falls. Triggers can be anything from feeling powerless to resisting a slice of cake to having to snack when sitting in traffic. Knowing what you can’t say no to will give you the power to fight back.

Instead of having a slice of cake, have a variety of healthy and tasty snacks lying around instead. If you’re stuck in traffic, have a cooler bag ready with vegetable sticks or biltong for when the nibbles strike. Take a note from the Boy Scouts and always 'be prepared’.

Know what went wrong to begin with

Are you overeating because you’re upset, frustrated or stressed out?

Knowing why you’re not sticking to your plan is just one way of figuring out solutions to keeping you on the wagon. When you understand why you’re going wrong and where the problem lies, you can address it and find alternative coping mechanisms.

Instead of turning to snacks, turn to a support system like friends or family for release. Don’t rely on rewarding yourself with treats to cope with problems in your life – you are worth more than the disappointment that comes when you fall off the wagon.

Keep moving and good luck!

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