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Make your own muesli to cut calories


Choose healthy ingredients

Start by purchasing healthy ingredients such as dried fruit, nuts and seeds, and rolled grains like oats, rye and barley. You can include more of any ingredients that you enjoy or prefer.

Create a contrast

Try selecting dried fruit of different colours and textures, as this keeps your muesli interesting and makes it look more appetizing. For example, you could add pumpkin seeds or almond flakes instead of whole almonds, or banana chips for extra crunch.

Add fresh fruit

Fresh fruits that are in season are loaded with nutrients and always increase the nutritional value of any meal or snack - and they are cheaper than unseasonal fruit. As the seasons come and go, grapes, peaches, litchis, kiwis, persimmons or mangos will vary the taste and appearance of what might seem a plain and boring looking muesli.

Go for chemical-free, low fat yoghurts

Avoid using the highly artificially flavoured yoghurts and those that contain a high level of colourants and chemicals. Try a plain, low fat yoghurt instead and prevent taking in unnecessary calories.

Then, sit back and enjoy it and remember to always watch your portion size, even when consuming healthy foods!

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