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Simple way to stop eating after dinner

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Are you guilty of eating snacks and other foods after having had your dinner?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to the question above, then you could be piling on more calories than you think!

Let dinner be your last meal

Think about it for a second. Many people always consume a dessert after dinner. This can be fine providing that you are keeping your calorie count in check. But what happens if you find that you are snacking or consuming junk foods even after you have had your dinner and dessert?

You could be adding empty calories to your calorie count, all of which can add to weight gain if they're not burned out in the short term.

Simple idea to stop eating

A simple way to reduce the chances of eating more foods after dinner is to brush your teeth! Brushing your teeth, gargling and flossing will temporarily send your body the message that it is not time for eating. Furthermore, you may not feel like consuming any food substances that may leave your mouth feeling uncleaned.

So the next time that you have supper, make sure that you head off to the bathroom immediately afterwards, instead of back into the kitchen.

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