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Can you get fat from 1 day of binge-eating?


That scary number on the scale

We all have those binge-eating days when we throw caution to the wind, put aside healthy eating and give in to those sweet – or salty – temptations.

But is that enough to make us fat?

If you have ever stood on a scale the day after binging, that little number reflecting back at you might not look quite what you're used to...

One day of overeating

Before we look at the number on that scale, there's some good news. One day of overeating isn't going to derail your diet or cause extra weight gain.


For one simple reason: Weight gain happens over time, if you consistently overeat for an extended number of days, weeks or months.

Why your scale number could have increased

Something important to bear in mind – that number reflected on your scale, is not just from the food you eat. Your body holds water as well.

Because binge-eating typically includes foods that are denser and higher in salt and fat, it can cause your body to retain extra water.

And this water retention is more than likely the reason you're seeing that higher-than-usual number on your scale the day after indulging a little.

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