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The future of flying - pay by passenger weight?


You pay by weight for sending parcels. You pay for overweight luggage. But you don't pay if YOU are overweight. Not until now, you don't!

But a small airline in Samoa has dipped it's toe into the 'pay by weight' water, and the concept may spread to other airlines.

Women pay less than men?

Women, on average, will pay less than men (because, on average, they weigh less).

The bottom line, if you are overweight, you would pay more (same as for overweight luggage) per kg. If you are average weight, you will pay a bit less (because the overweight passengers will be paying more).

But, if you are underweight, or a normal-sized child, you would pay quite a lot less.

High cost of fuel

The concept is based on the high cost of fuel - it costs more to get heavy planes flying than lighter ones. That is why airlines have always weighed your luggage and (up until now) averaged your weight.

The idea is bound to get the support of the lean and trim, and anyone who has ever had to share half their seat with a seriously overweight passenger sitting next to them. But others may choose to avoid such airlines.

For now, Samoa is a long way away, but it may be getting closer!

Smoking banned on airplanes

Anyone remember how shocked smokers were when the first airline introduced the no smoking rule? 

What do you think?

What do you think? Should everyone pay the same, whatever their weight, or would you support such a 'pay by weight' plan? View the video below. And, please, answer the poll below the video. 



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