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Jump on a trampoline to shed calories

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Soshanna Katzman, a certified acupuncturist, director of the Red Bank Acupuncture and Wellness Centre in New Jersey, and co-founder of the Feeling Light weight-management programme, says that ‘jumping on a small trampoline is a particularly good exercise for those trying to lose weight’.

Effect on lymphatic system

According to alternative practitioners, jumping on a trampoline will help to strengthen one’s lymphatic system – this is the body system ‘that drains toxins and supports stronger immunity’.

How often and for how long should you jump on the trampoline?

Katzman recommends that you jump on the trampoline for about 20 to 30 minutes at a time, between three to five times a week.

If you do not own a trampoline, consider purchasing or perhaps even borrowing a small-sized one. It is usually easy to store and doesn’t require any assembly so you would not have to do any added tasks before using it, making it convenient.

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