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Should I choose tropical fruit for weight loss?

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Fruit is overall very healthy and provides your body with beneficial nutrients that it requires to carry out its daily functions. But be cautious about which types of fruits you select to eat, especially if you are on a weight-loss diet.

Tropical fruit can be particularly high in sugar. Examples of common tropical fruit includes pineapple and mango, a favourite amongst many people. Whilst these fruits may be juicy and absolutely delicious to consume, they should however be consumed in moderation as they are high in calories and can therefore increase your daily calorie count if eaten very regularly.

Opt to choose other varieties of fruit instead, such as those that are packed with loads of soluble and insoluble fiber. Examples of these fruit include apples and pears. These fruit are not only loaded with fibre, but they are lower in calories than tropical fruit, such as mangoes and pineapples.

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