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Support a loved ones weight-loss efforts

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Your loved one’s weight-loss efforts

Are you aware of what your loved one’s weight-loss efforts are? Do you know what activities they are engaging in or how hard they may be working to get those calories burning when you are not around?

If not, then maybe take some time to help your loved one reach their weight-loss goals. You could perhaps take on more chores around the house so that they have an extra 30 minutes to work out for longer or maybe attend a training session with them and offer motivation along the way.

Weight loss related gifts

If your loved one has a birthday or special occasion around the bend, consider getting them a gift that is related to weight loss and one that will support their efforts. For example, a running club or gym membership will help keep them motivated all year through, even when they have reached their weight-loss target and just need to maintain their new weight.

Support can be given in a multitude of ways, so be creative and enjoy the process of helping your loved one improve their health and lifestyle.

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