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Keep a yoga mat close by to remind you to exercise

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If not routinely done, on your to-do-list or planned, engaging in some form of exercise for the day can very easily be forgotten or neglected.

Keep yoga mat in sight

Try to find ways in which you can remind yourself to get those calories burning! A simple way is to purchase a yoga mat and keep it in a place where you are guaranteed to see it. For example, if you spend lots of time in front of the television, keep it near the television remote. Similarly, if you spend some time in your garden daily, store it with your outdoor items. Keeping the yoga mat in a place where you will see it, will act as a reminder for you to perform some exercises using it, whether it is simple stretching exercises or yoga itself.

Take a yoga mat with you when travelling

If your work requires you to travel regularly or perhaps you enjoy travelling with your family over the weekends, then keeping a yoga mat in the boot of your car is an excellent reminder to exercise whilst you are away from home. This will help you reach your weight-loss goals timeously and get you looking slimmer and more fabulous sooner!

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