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Watch out for fruit juices when it comes to weight loss

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We are often prompted to add more fruits and vegetables into our diet, as they have a high nutrient content and offer the best nutrition for our bodies.

In our often busy lifestyles, many of us may opt for a quick and easy option to get in our portion of fruits – by buying commercial fruit juices. Consuming these fruit juices on a regular basis can add hundreds of calories to your diet, without you even recognising it, and this may have an effect on your weight.

Read food labels

Be sure to read the food labels on the juices that you are about to consume. Check for calorie content and other ingredients that may be added to the product.

Sugar and salt

Many fruit juices have either a high sugar content to make it taste sweeter, or a high salt content to improve taste – although this is seen more in vegetable juices.

Be wise and prevent weight gain

Compare different varieties of fruit juice before purchasing and consume it in moderation. Remember that your best bet is to make your own fruit juice at home!

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