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5 Simple ways for busy people to lose weight fast

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Life in today's world is NOT getting less chaotic. Responsibilities increase daily, and there is a lot of pressure to be constantly ‘online’ and ‘connected’ to our work through electronics …

Small wonder we struggle to make time for commitments like caring for our health, exercising and dieting.

Here are five ways to help you begin to lose weight without too much time or energy commitment.

1. Get a routine going

Having a consistent morning routine that you know is healthy is a critical factor in winning the weight-loss battle.

If you start the day well, chances are you'll finish well too. You need to get out of bed and hit the ground running, and the best way to do that is to take the ‘thinking’ out of the equation. Have a routine that doesn't change.

For me that looks like this: Wake up at 4:30, drink coffee and read/meditate for 30 minutes, exercise for 60 minutes, shower, dress, eat a healthy breakfast, go to work.

I do this every day. It's relatively easy because I don't allow myself any other options.

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