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State of Nutrition 2016: What YOU need to know - Banting, Sugar, Fat

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Nutrition science is an ever-evolving field. The internet is a boundless ocean of information - some good, some ... well, you know …

The bottom line is that there are lots of people happy to sell you a bottle of sugar pills at the price of platinum with the effectiveness of, well, sugar pills. And they will tell you it's based on the latest 'science'.

So here are the top four talking points in nutrition right now - as I see them - and some advice on how to deal with each.

1. 'Banting' - friend or foe?

The 'Banting' diet has taken our nation by storm. Its main advocate is a well-known academic in the field of sports science who gained people's trust many years back. His personal experience in turning around his health has been turned into a best-selling book and has helped many people to lose weight.

So, is banting a healthy way of life? Maybe, maybe not.

The thing is, for every study for the low-carb, high-fat diet there is one against it. Will it help you lose weight? Probably, if you commit to it.

It's not for everyone, but it may work for you. Just do yourself a favour and do it honestly. Don't start buying loaves of bread for R100 each because you're 'Banting'. Just don't eat bread.

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(Fotalia: #96800731)

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