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4 Things to remember when dieting

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Here they are:

Drink up!

Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate! Drink lots of water as it will help you to detox and keep you refreshed all day long. High caffeinated, alcoholic and sugar loaded beverages should be avoided.

Avoid refined sugar foods

Foods that contain refined sugar should be avoided. This includes cakes, pastries, biscuits, sweets and chocolates, etc. You may be surprised at how much more energetic you will feel by cutting these foods out of your diet.

Fill up on nutritious foods

Opt to consume healthy amounts of foods that are rich in nutrients that your body requires for optimum functioning. These foods include wholegrains, fresh fruits, dark vegetables as well as real dairy.

Don’t forget the protein

Protein is a must for weight loss as it helps you to feel full for longer, thus reducing unhealthy food temptations, especially between meals. In addition, it is fabulous for building muscle tissue!

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