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Dieting? 5 Surprising things - that arent calories - you should count

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Everyone in the weight-loss world has, at some point, tried calorie-counting as a means of losing weight

And while it CAN be very helpful, it can become a bit tedious, especially as it's particularly difficult to find an accurate calorie count for many foods.

Instead of counting calories all the time, here are five things you can count easily that will help you lose weight quickly and easily.

1. Liquid intake

One of the most basic steps towards losing weight and just general body function is being properly hydrated. You need to make sure you are drinking AT LEAST two litres of liquids per day - more if you're exercising or in a hot climate.

Water, lemon water, black tea and black coffee all count - no sugar added, of course

Liquids to count for real hydration value and weight loss appeal are water, lemon water, black tea, and black coffee. No sugar added of course.

All the other things you drink count, but this IS a weight-loss article, so I'm hoping you've ditched the soft drinks, milky coffee, hot chocolate, commercial fruit juices and milkshakes.



2. Servings of vegetables

No, I don't care if you don't like vegetables. You HAVE TO eat lots of vegetables to be healthy and lose weight.

If you're eating fewer than five servings (five cups) per day, you're not eating enough. Cut down on meat and refined starches and eat more veg.

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