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Leafy green vegetables are great for weight loss

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Leafy green vegetables hold a few amazing properties that make them a wonderful food to include in your diet if you are planning to drop some kilograms, now that summer is around the corner!

Not only are they loaded with valuable nutrients - vitamins as well as minerals - but they are also low in calories. In addition, green leafy vegetables are packed with fiber, which helps us stay fuller for longer – thus preventing us from overeating or snacking unnecessarily!

Consuming leafy green vegetables is an easy way to inflate the volume of your meal, without actually having to increase the number of calories. So while you think that you are consuming more food and energy, you may be not!

Examples of green leafy vegetables include spinach, lettuce, kale, dark green lettuce and Swiss chards. Buy as many as you can from your local grocery shop and enjoy preparing different salads on a daily basis.

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