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Walk a short distance to burn calories

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If you do not have company, or enough time, or find it an effort to join a walking group, then try incorporating walking into your everyday routine or activities. Here are some ideas:

Travel less, walk more

If you use public transport to travel to work, then try jumping off a block or two before you usually do and walk the rest of the way to your destination. You can do the same on your return trip. The time outdoors will also help you get in some fresh air which is good for your body and mind too.

Walk your child to school

If you stay in relatively close proximity to your child’s school then consider walking him or her to school daily. You could even carry their schoolbag for them if they will allow you to! The heavier the objects you carry, the more calories you will burn.

Walk to the supermarket or shop

Need to purchase bread, and a few other groceries on a daily basis? Then use this as an ideal opportunity to get active. Take a slow jog to your local supermarket (if it is not too far away) and walk all the way back home with your purchases. If you do this regularly, you can very easily cover your recommended 30 minutes of physical activity for the day.

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