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Snack on healthy foods for weight loss

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If you are on a weight loss diet or intend on losing some weight, selecting appropriate snacks should be regarded just as important as engaging in a new level of physical activity.

Portion size matters

Often, people make the mistake of over indulging in snacks or treats thereby increasing their calorie count. No matter what snack you are having, always consider the portion size you have and just how much calories it contains.

Fat free yoghurt

Fat free yoghurt makes a great snack to have. You can buy a big tub of yoghurt and package it into mini containers that you can take with you when leaving for work, on errands, etc. In this way you can control exactly how much you want to have.

Fruit and nuts

You can even add some fruit and nuts to your yoghurt for added taste and nutrition. The fibre found in fruits can be great for weight loss and your overall health too!

Alternatively, you can have the fruit and nuts on their own. Make a mini fruit salad with a few varieties of fruit and always remember to watch portion size when it comes to nuts, as you could very easily take in too many calories!

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