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Dont delay breakfast

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Avoid skipping breakfast if you are trying to drop some weight – in fact, consuming breakfast may help you to lose weight much quicker!

Healthy weight

Breakfast gives us energy and allows us to stay full for longer and maintain a healthy weight. It also revives our metabolism after a good night’s rest.


Try to include some protein in your early morning meal as protein is great for building muscle and helping you reach satiation, by keeping you full for a longer period of time. This will help reduce your chances of unnecessarily snacking on junk foods by mid-morning – an easy way to pile on the calories!

Keep it healthy

Ensure that breakfast is healthy by making it yourself! Take-away meals and beverages are often loaded with calories. Use fat free milk in your tea or coffee and cereals. Control the amount of oil and/ or fat used in cooking eggs, sausages, etc., and even consider different cooking methods such as grilling or boiling

Balanced breakfast

Don’t forget to keep breakfast balanced by having a fruit or two as well. If you are in a hurry, take your fruit along with you to eat later.

Be creative, enjoy your daily breakfast and your new waistline too!

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