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5 Tips on losing weight over the Christmas holidays

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Not just on Christmas day, but at all of the events around it. Everywhere we go over the season, there is food involved.

Instead of starting a radical, guilt-induced fad diet on 1 January 2015, why not use these tips to maintain your weight (or even lose some!) over the festive season?


1.     Don't deprive yourself - Sometimes

Whether you celebrate a big Christmas eve dinner, or Christmas day lunch, make the decision to have A BIT of everything you enjoy.

Note: I said A BIT of, not THE WHOLE LOT of.

Trying to go through the entire season without a dessert or potato or Quality Street is a one-way street to secret eating or binge eating. Allow yourself a few occasions to treat yourself.

If you can control yourself, a few servings of dessert spread over a few weeks will have zero impact on your weight.

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