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Detox with green smoothies this summer


A summer detox that's delicious and healthy

What's your idea of a detox diet? If it involves starving yourself or drinking those awful-tasting cleanses, fear not. This green smoothie detox is delicious and healthy!

If you're not a fan of drastic diets, but want to get healthier this season, you could easily blend this gentle detox into your everyday lifestyle.

Why a green smoothie?

Green smoothies are packed with a bunch of healthy vitamins and nutrients, which include a mix of chlorophyll (great for getting rid of toxins), and a high level of fibre.

How it works

  1. Try starting your day with a green smoothie for breakfast. Aim for a smoothie that's 60% fruit and 40% greens.

  2. Add greens like spinach or kale, broccoli, green pepper and cucumber.

  3. Blend filling fruits like a banana, papaya or mango.

  4. Experiment with different combinations to see what works best for you.

  5. Give it at least three weeks to get used to these new tastes. You might want to go back to regular breakfasts, or carry on with your morning detox for another few weeks.

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