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Prevent weight gain by taking time to chew


So many of us are guilty of eating on the go or eating too quickly and not taking sufficient time to thoroughly chew and enjoy our food.
These unhealthy habits can actually make us pile on the calories, especially if we are unaware of just how much we are eating.
Chewing slowly is better for weight loss
According to Men’s Health, a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed that participants ingested fewer calories just by chewing more and eating at a slower pace.
It seems that ‘the increase in chewing simultaneously lowered levels of appetite-stimulating hormones and increased levels of appetite-suppressing hormones’.
Allow your body to register that it is full
Chewing slowly allows your body to register when you are full. Eating too quickly without chewing properly can make you lose track of portion size and when you need to stop eating. Thus, weight gain may result.
Set aside a specific time just for your lunch or meal and enjoy it. Chew slowly, savour the tastes and flavours and stay slim.

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