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What does a day of healthy eating look like?


Need some fresh inspiration to start eat better during the day? Take a look at nutritionist, Susie Burrell's daily healthy eating plan...

Healthy eating: First light to night

  • Upon waking: Rehydrate with a cup of warm water and lemon or herbal tea.

  • Breakfast: Eat a bowl of wholegrain cereal and low-fat milk no later than 8am to keep your metabolism going.

  • 9am: Have a cup of green tea.

  • 10am: Eat a healthy snack.

  • Before lunch: Keep drinking water throughout the morning.

  • Lunchtime: Eat a balanced and nutritious lunch no later than 1pm.

  • 2pm: Drink a cup of peppermint tea to avoid post-lunch sugar cravings.

  • Afternoon: Drink a glass of water every hour.

  • 3.30pm: Eat a small protein-rich snack.

  • Suppertime: If you're watching your weight, have a light supper with plenty of veggies before 8pm.

  • 9pm: Depending on your bedtime, end the day with a calming chamomile tea for better sleep.

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