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Giving into temptations that may cause weight gain?


Have you ever given in to temptations that may cause you to gain weight?

Imagine this: It’s about 3 p.m. at work and you find yourself craving something. Whether it's sweet or fatty… what comes to mind and more importantly what do you do?

Are the images of chocolates and sweets coming to mind? Or,perhaps pastries, potato chips or a heavenly slice of cheese cake? Stop right there and go for a walk! Not only is this a form of exercise that burns calories but it may also serve as a distraction from eating.

If you find that you genuinely need to eat to keep your energy levels up then opt for healthy snacks instead.  Fruit tend to be the easiest option and offer no extra preparation time at all, apart from the quick wash. So keep snacking healthy and watch the temptations and weight disappear!

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