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A quick rule to kill your sugar craving


Cut the cravings

Sugar cravings usually happen when you're not eating properly or skipping meals. That's when your blood sugar level goes haywire.

An easy way to avoid sugar spikes and crashes is to keep your blood sugar level stable.

A rule that's going to help you do this is the rule of threes.

The rule of 3s

Eat a mixture of low-glycemic carbs, protein, and healthy fats every three hours. This will help stabilise your blood glucose levels throughout the day.

Here are a few tips to help make this a daily habit...

  1. Think of this eating pattern as a daily ritual that has to happen. Just like showering, going to work, or brushing your teeth.

  2. Set alarms on your phone for every three hours during the day so you know when to eat.

  3. Be mindful about what you eat – write it down.

  4. Plan ahead and do your grocery shopping with these main meals and snacks in mind.

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