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Why butter and sugar are the first to go


All those extra calories

When you start a new diet, butter (incl. margarine, spreads, peanut butter, etc) and sugars (incl. alcohol, sodas, sugar cereals, etc) are usually the first two food groups to get the chop – or to get cut down drastically.

But why is this?

These two problem foods are really solid fat (butters) and purified sugar (sugars), which both contain very little nutritional value. Not only that, but they also count for about 800 daily calories – almost half of what the average woman should have in a day!

Think about how much butter and sugar you eat every day. You might be surprised by how easy it is to reduce them – or cut them out completely.

5 Ways to cut down sugar and butter

  1. Have one spoonful less sugar in your tea or coffee.

  2. Choose cereals without added sugar – like regular oats.

  3. Cut out sugary drinks like sodas and sugar-laden fruit juices.

  4. Get into the habit of baking and steaming your food instead of frying it.

  5. Try cutting out butter on your bread, or using a little low-fat cottage cheese or honey instead.

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