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3 Everyday spices that pack a punch!


Regular spices to jazz up your meals

We all know that general spices like salt and pepper can jazz up the flavour of just about any meal, but what about other 'regular' spices?

Not all of us can afford the saffrons and other exotic spices which TV celeb chefs love to dazzle us with in their cooking shows. So if you're trying to ease up on the butter and other fatty seasonings, the spices you already have in your pantry could be exactly what you need to transform your meals.

Impress family and friends with your tasty, low-fat cooking skills by getting creative with these three spices...


Cinnamon is a great spice to use instead of sugar to add flavour to sweet dishes. Add it to tea, cereal, smoothies, or yoghurt. Or for a more savoury hint, use it in couscous salads and curries.


For a zesty Latin flavour, add cumin to pork or chicken dishes. Cumin is also fantastic in dips and sauces, on top of potatoes, avocados, seafood, or bean salsa.

Onion powder

If you don't have onions at home or don't want onion pieces in your food, onion powder is the perfect solution. One tablespoon of onion powder equals half a cup of chopped fresh onion. Use it to season fish, chicken, red meat, pork, soup, dips and salad dressings.

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