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What is the best diet out there?


The magic diet reality

There's no such thing as a miracle diet or a “secret” weight-loss product out there. These are just lies manufactures love to tell us.

You see, for them it's all about making money. So as great as this sounds, it's not realistic; it probably won't work the way you expected it to, and it can be dangerous.

But, there is a diet that goes above and beyond any magic pill or food, or “too-good-to-be-true” diet.

The “diet” that works

"Fad diets not only fail to produce long-term weight loss, they can lead to deprivation, weight gain, and discouragement," says Michelle May, MD.

And, according to Yale University's David Katz, MD, the best diet out there might not be a diet at all.

Instead, he suggests forgetting about dieting altogether and focusing on ways to satisfy your hunger with fewer calories.

Healthy long-term weight loss

Here's something you can start doing today to lose weight the healthy way...

  1. Choose one to three small daily eating changes. (Cut out bread, eat off a smaller plate etc.)

  2. Choose one to three small daily exercise habits. (Park further away from where you need to go, walk around the block before supper etc.)

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