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Shave extra calories every day... Effortlessly!


Easy ways to cut daily calories

Cut your daily calories by giving one or two of these calorie-cutting activities a try. Anyone can do them!

Then, once you get into the swing of things, try doing a few more. They're surprisingly easy, so pick and choose your favourites and get going!

  1. Save 100 calories by poaching two large eggs instead of frying them.

  2. Replace four tablespoons of light cream in your coffee with four tablespoons of milk to save 172 calories.

  3. Swap a hamburger for a sandwich with 85 grams of ham and save a total of 141 calories.

  4. Order a baked potato instead of small fries and save 74 calories.

  5. Keep the protein in your meal by adding one hard-boiled egg (78 calories) instead of 55g of cheese (200 calories).

  6. Trim visible fat from a 100g steak and save 100 calories.

  7. Save 120 calories by using one tablespoon of oil instead of two when cooking stir-fry.

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