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Lower your calorie intake from bad fats

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Most takeaway and restaurant meals are loaded with a large number of calories, most of which come from the fat content of the meal.

You can lower the percentage of fat you consume by opting for the leaner meats such as skinless chicken or turkey, and fish such as salmon or tuna which contain healthy fats. You could even enjoy a vegetarian meal!

Ask yourself if you really require the sauce that is slathered all over your meal. If not, omit it completely or perhaps make a change by asking for just a small quantity on the side. In this way you can control how much you indulge in.

Butter, margarine and cheese are also high in fat and thus calories, so consider avoiding them wherever possible.

Remember every small change you make to your diet, will make a big change to the way your body looks and feels, so do it for your health and enjoy looking great too!

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