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Keys to weight loss: What, when and how you eat


You are what you eat, but this is just one of piece of the puzzle. You are also when and how you eat.
This is especially true if you’re trying to tailor the optimal diet to help you lose weight, add muscle mass, fight off illness or get into the best shape of your life.
Here are a few diet guidelines that can help:
The What: The right foods
The foods you eat can make or break your fat loss resolve. And this no secret. Here five tasty foods that can help you achieve maximum weight loss:
The key here is to opt for food with a low impact on your blood sugar. If you can keep your blood sugar lower, then you can prevent unhealthy cravings and overeating, leading to better fat loss results.
1. Grapefruit. This tasty fruit has been proven to reduce insulin levels, leading to greater weight loss results.
2. Garlic. This is another food that can help you regulate blood sugar and also works as a milk fat-burner. Garlic can be a great addition to any savoury dish.
3. Brazil nuts. They’re jam-packed with selenium and magnesium, key factors in the metabolising of fat.
4. Eggs.  A great source of high quality protein. Eggs help lose weight by regulating blood sugar levels and preventing unhealthy snacking. Make your breakfast rich in protein by adding eggs to it.
5. Ginger. This food expands your blood vessels and boosts metabolism levels by up to 20 percent, research shows.
The When: Timing your meals right
Timing your meals right is another key for fat loss - this is especially true if you’re a regular gym-rat (or thinking about becoming one!). A healthy and protein-rich breakfast tops the list, as research shows that eating breakfast leads to better fat loss results.
If you’re planning a workout, make sure to avoid carbs in your pre-workout meal.
If you steer clear of carbs in your pre-workout meal, then the chances of your body using its fat stores as the main source of energy, are much higher.
Post-workout diet is also important for proper recovery and muscle growth
Make sure to ingest something within the recovery window - the hour following your workout. Make sure to get a healthy mix of the good carbs (refuel the empty tanks), and protein (muscle recovery). If you don’t have the time for a proper meal, then opt for a banana milkshake based drink.
It’s also beneficial to eat some carbs three to four hours prior to going to bed.
The How: Good eating habits
Your eating habits are the third pillar of an optimal diet. It’s about eating smart. And not forcing your body to do something it does not want to do. Work with your body to reach your goals. Avoid resistance.

Successful people are the product of good habits. Therefore, enhance your eating by cultivating these five habits:
1. Eat with family
According to a study published by the University of Toronto, conversing at the dinner table helps you avoid overeating, by granting your brain the needed time to register that your stomach is full.
2. No distractions
If you want to eat correctly, then you need to do away with distractions - whether it’s the TV, the iPhone or any other attention drainer.
3. Take a seat
Eating on the move leads to overeating, according to research at the University of Toronto. In other words, people who took their time for each meal and sat down to eat more mindfully have reported consuming fewer calories.
4. Leave your desk
Taking your meals in front of the computer is a recipe for overeating, according to a University of Bristol study. Therefore, be sure to leave your working space when it is time to replenish your empty tanks.
The best diet for fat loss is the one that works the best for you. Therefore, you don’t need to follow the above guidelines verbatim. Instead, make sure to keep changing your approach when you encounter a plateau, or you’re just not getting what you’re after. We are all different and have different needs and goals.
So, it is wrong to assume that what works for me, will work for you. You just have to discover it for yourself. This is the importance of taking action, as, without implementation, you’ll never find what works for you in the long term. So take action now and adjust your approach accordingly!
About the author
David DACK is a runner and an established author on weight loss, motivation and fitness.
If you want more free tips from David DACK, then go to http://runnersblueprint.com/weightlossrunning.html to download his 30-Pages "Weight Loss By Running" FREE eBook.

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