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Choose bigger chores over smaller ones


We all have heard by now that doing chores around the house will help burn calories, but did you know that the size of the chore will make a big difference to your weight loss efforts?
Small versus big chores
According to Fitday, light household chores, such as dusting the furniture or doing the laundry, may only burn up to 170 calories per hour, while doing bigger chores, such as cleaning the gutters or even washing your car, can help you burn up to 204 calories per hour.
Don’t overdo it
Try not to tackle too many of the bigger chores on one day, as your level of exhaustion may leave you discouraged from doing it again.
Instead, maybe do one big chore and a few small chores, depending on the time you have available.
Add music
In addition, try listening to some music while doing your chores. A dance move or two will help increase the number of calories you burn.

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