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Burn calories with these stretches

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You will need a partner to perform the following routines.

Leg and arm stretches

Sit on a mat (slightly more than a leg’s length apart) facing one another. Both you and your partner should bend the right knee and right elbow as you hold hands. Be sure to sit upright and feel free to adjust the distance between you so that you are both in a firm position. Your arms should be at shoulder level. Now twist your upper bodies by extending or bending your arms in an easy rhythm. Do the same using the other legs. Remember to breathe in the same rhythm.

You could also change your hand hold such that you are reaching to clasp your partner’s opposite hand.

Work those legs

Lean back on your forearms and bring the soles of your feet against those of your partner. Whilst holding this position, move your legs in a cycling position – going forwards and backwards. Continue doing this for a few minutes or until one of you becomes tired.


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