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Lose weight by eating the same meals


If you want to lose weight, then try consuming the same meal regularly. You can choose whether it’s for lunch or dinner - just give it time if you want to see results!
Novelty of new food makes us eat more
Researchers at the University of Buffalo found that people who consumed macaroni and cheese daily consumed significantly fewer calories, than those who ate the dish only once a week.
The reasoning behind this was that people who eat new or different foods all the time, are driven to consume more food. Thus by removing the novelty, we may feel satisfied much quicker.
Establish routines
Try making certain dishes a routine. For example, try having a chicken salad for lunch on Mondays and Tuesdays, tuna sandwiches the following two days and something else the following day.
Alternatively, you could have the same meal every Monday, another meal every Tuesdays and so on. The idea is that you have planned your healthy meal in advance and know what you will be eating. Thus you can prevent weight gain.

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