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Reduce cravings with fruit smoothies


Home Remedies Web says, that consuming a fruit smoothie daily for breakfast is an excellent method of reducing cravings, restoring balance and promoting weight loss.

Reducing cravingsFood cravings can be limited by having fruit smoothies, as you will be including a variety of ingredients that will not only provide a variety of tastes, but also many nutrients that your body requires. Fruit smoothies are delicious and can even be consumed as a snack.

Example of a fruit smoothie

Home Remedies Web gives us the following example of a smoothie that you could could create at home. Mix the ingredients below in a blender,  until smooth:

•    1 cup of rice milk•    1 cup of soy milk•    1 cup of orange juice•    1 banana•    4 strawberries (fresh or frozen)•    1 tablespoon of aloe juice•    1 teaspoon of raw honey•    1 tablespoon of flaxseed oilThe best part is that you can use any fruits that you like, or whatever is in season. Maybe try a different one on each day of the week for variety. Fruits are low in calories and should be included in your weight loss diet plan.

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