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Healthy salad for weight loss

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Here is a great salad suggestion that is simply delicious and healthy.

Make a salmon salad. Mix bone-free salmon, half a cup of cucumber, half a cup of red cherry tomatoes and a quarter cup of red onion in a salad bowl.

Salmon is an excellent source of protein and is great for weight loss. Try using only fresh ingredients and feel free to throw in any other vegetables that you prefer. Just remember to try to keep the salad colourful. Add salt and pepper to taste.

For a low calorie salad dressing, combine one teaspoon of fat free cream cheese (at room temperature), with half a teaspoon of low calorie mayonnaise and a few teaspoons of fresh lemon juice.

Instead of throwing the dressing all over the salad, try dipping your salad (that is on the fork) into the dressing before eating. You may be surprised to see that you may not consume as much of the dressing as you thought you would.

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