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Prevent weight gain by substituting sweet treats

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Consuming a high quantity of sugary confectionary will definitely cause your waistline to expand as it can contain an unbelievable number of calories. Off course, the occasional treat is great, but treating yourself every day may not be good for your weight.

So what do you do the next time you feel like a sweet treat? Have one! Just be sure that it is a healthy one!

Healthy substitutes

Try to find some healthy substitutes for the sugar laden foods that you enjoy. You may find that you will enjoy a healthy food option just as much as a refined one.


Instead of making popcorn in oil or butter, opt for the homemade air popped version instead. Skip the candy coated version and you will skip the guilty feelings afterwards, as you would not have to worry about piling on the calories.

Dried fruit is not only healthy but also sweet. This can be an excellent alternative if you are craving a sweet dessert.

Choose to eat chocolate with a higher percentage of cocoa instead of the usual milk chocolate. It is high in antioxidants and has wonderful anti-ageing properties, as an additional benefit!

Remember that processed and refined treats and foods may also contain preservatives, and other additives, etc., that may not support your weight loss efforts.

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