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7 Things to carry in your gym bag


 Are you prepared for your hour at the gym? If not, these guidelines may help you be more prepared.

How many of the following do you carry in your gym bag?

1. A towel

This is necessary after a heavy workout! Apart from yourself, it may also be used to wipe the equipment after you have used it, in showing consideration to others.

2. Water

Physical activity makes us lose water through perspiration and sweating. So carrying a bottle of water with you is the best thing to ensure you keep hydrated and replenish the liquid that was lost.

3. Gym clothes

When gym-ing, wear clothes that are comfortable and made for the activities that you are to perform. The last thing you would want is to feel uncomfortable while trying to focus on your workout.

4. Your gym access card

You would not be able to do anything without this one! So keep it safe, maybe in your wallet or perhaps in your gym bag so you don’t forget it.

5. Suitable shoes

Just like clothes, you need to wear shoes that are appropriate for use when at the gym. Imagine running on the treadmill with high heels...unthinkable! If unsure as to what is recommended, check with the gym instructor.

6. Deodorant

This may be needed after your workout. After all, you want people to remember you for your amazing body or dedication, not your body odour!

7. A small healthy snack

Having a small healthy snack such as fruit a while before your workout may provide you with the added energy that you may need before exercising.



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