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Preventing obesity


It seems that most of the strategies that prevent obesity are in fact the same as those that help promote weight loss as well as weight maintenance.

In addition, if followed diligently, these strategies will help promote a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle. According to www.mayoclinic.com, these strategies are:

•    Exercise regularly. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, you need to get approximately 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity (such as fast walking or swimming) a day to prevent weight gain.
•    Eat healthy meals and snacks. Focus on low-calorie, nutrient-dense foods, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains and avoid saturated fat. Confectionary and alcohol should be limited whilst treats should be only consumed occasionally.

•    Be aware of food traps that cause you to eat. Identify situations that trigger out-of-control eating, such as parties or anxiety, etc. Try keeping a journal and look for patterns of overeating. You can then plan ahead and develop your own methods for handling these types of situations. For example, when anxious, try going for a walk or phoning a friend to chat, instead of eating.

•    Monitor your weight regularly. Monitoring your weight can tell you whether your efforts are working. It can also help you identify small weight gains before they become big problems.

•    Be consistent. The more diligent you are at adhering to your healthy-weight plan, the higher your chances will be for long-term success.

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