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Do you crave sugar?



If you answer yes to five or more of the following questions, then you may be at risk for a sugar overload. 

  • Do you ever lie about how much sweet food you may have eaten?

  • Do you keep a supply of sweet food close to hand?

  • Have you ever hidden your supply from others?

  • Have you ever got upset if someone else ate your sugary snacks?

  • Have you ever gone out of your way to buy your sweet goodies?

  • Do you eat sweet foods when you are emotionally upset?

  • Do you swoon at the dessert menu and always take a sweet on the way out?

  • Do you think a lot and look forward to your sugary ‘treat’?

  • Do you think that you are addicted to sugar, chocolate or biscuits?

 Remember that an increase in sugar is also an increase in calories and an increase in weight if action isn’t taken!


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