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Tennis for weight loss


If you are looking for a fun, challenging way to lose weight with friends, then try tennis!

Here are some of the benefits of tennis for weight loss.

- Tennis is a sport that really requires you to keep moving. The more you move, the more calories you burn. As you dash around the court chasing the ball, you will be running, jumping, hopping and skipping without even realizing it. 

- Tennis conditions your body not only for weight loss, but also for building up lean, strong muscles as well. You do not have to lose weight to play tennis, or be conditioned in any way, because a great deal of the conditioning will come from the game play itself.

- Tennis easily burns more calories than walking or running and better conditions your body as well. Because tennis involves moving around to catch the ball, using your arms to swing your racquet and using your abdominals to power your swings, you are using a large part of your entire body all at once. 

- Tennis is easily one of the most enjoyable activities for weight loss that you can participate in. So get your friends together and have some fun. You may be surprised at what you can accomplish by using tennis as a weight loss strategy!


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