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10 Tips on how to reduce double chin

Double chins – although perfectly harmless – can be one of the most irritating things in the world. You’re aware of it all the time, and because everyone can see it, it can really knock your confidence down a few pegs. When people try to take group selfies, you desperately try to tilt your head into such a position so that your double chins aren’t exposed to social media. Sadly, it’s really easy to tilt your head the wrong way so that you create the illusion of three chins!!

But although that extra layer of tissue underneath our chin is really annoying and unpleasant for us to look at it, the good news is that it can be eradicated. Although you can opt for surgery as a very last resort, why not first of all take a look at our way top 10 ways to reduce your double chin that don’t involve a surgical knife?

Chew Gum

You might not have realised it before, but one of the easiest and least expensive ways to eliminate your pesky double chin is to chew gum!

Although it often looks as though folk are chewing gum just to help them pass the time, chewing gum actually makes for a very effective facial exercise. You’re essentially working your facial muscles as you choose, getting them toned and giving your jaw a workout.

If you chew gum for a few hours per day for a few weeks, your double chin could be gone in no time at all.

Tongue Press

The tongue press is an effective facial exercise that can reduce a double chin. To begin, you should sit with a straight back. Tilt your head so that you can see the ceiling and put your shoulders down.

Then, press your tongue up against your mouth’s roof before lowering your chin so that it comes down towards your chest. Try to bring it down as far as possible without feeling discomfort.

You can now relax your tongue and return your body the starting position.

Cocoa Butter

You don’t need to spread cocoa butter onto your toast in order to lose your double chin. Instead, to make this home remedy effective, you need to massage it onto your double chin and neck for up to ten minutes each do.

You can massage the butter onto your chin in the morning and before going to bed at night, and results should be seen in just a few weeks. If you don’t want to massage the butter cold (who does?!), warm a few tbsp up in the microwave first.

Pout & Tilt

Who doesn’t love a good pout? Well, it turns out that you can pout your way to a smoother-looking chin!

To begin this facial exercise, either sit down or stand up before sticking out your lower lip until you form your best (and most extravagant) pout. Hold this opposition for about two seconds before contracting your frontal neck muscles so that you can bring your chin down to your chest as far as you can. Once you’ve got there, pause for about two seconds before relaxing and returning to the starting position.

Green Tea

Green tea is so powerful and offers numerous health benefits. It’s been an important part of the Chinese diet for centuries and can help to make you more intelligent, help you lose weight, reduce your risk of cancer, kill infection – and it can also help you to lose your double chin.

The reason green tea works wonders when it comes to eliminating that pesky extra layer beneath your chin is because it contains certain antioxidants that speed up the metabolism rate. In turn, this will help you to burn extra calories.

If you don’t like the taste of green tea, you can drink flavoured green tea which offers the exact same benefits. Try to drink as much as you can throughout the day for best results.

Chin Lifts

The chin lift exercise is a tried and tested method of getting rid of a double chin. It stretches your facial muscles and makes them more toned and tight.

It’s important that you exercise just your lips while performing this exercise.To begin, start by sitting or standing and then tilt your head back so that you can see the ceiling. Direct your eyes towards it and then tighten your lips and “kiss” the ceiling. Hold this poison for around ten seconds before repeating 10 times.

Eat More Vitamin E

We’re all told to eat more vitamins and minerals, but it seems that we’re just not all that great at actually making good on the advice. But vitamin E is important right now because it will boost your skin’s elasticity, as well as improving the general wellbeing of your body’s largest organ.

You can find vitamin E in numerous foods, including peanuts, liver, nuts, seeds, barley, beans, brown rice, and dark green leafy vegetables. If, however, you’re not too fond of any of these foods, you can buy vitamin E as a supplement.


Milk is rich in calcium and should be an important part of anyone’s diet. But when it comes to losing a double chin, you don’t need to drink milk; instead, you should apply it to your skin!

Milk massages are excellent because they tighten and tone your skin, which is what you need right now. Take a few tbsp of warm milk and apply them to your chin before massaging for about five minutes. Do this a few times a day for a few weeks.

You could also make a milk and honey mask, which works just as well.

Tennis Ball

You could play tennis to try and lose some fat around your chin, or you should just do the much easier tennis ball exercise.

The tennis ball exercise is really simple: All you’ve gotta do is pick up a tennis ball before holding it in a vice-like grip between your neck and chin. Hold it as tight as you can before pressing down firmly with your chin. Then, release slowly before repeating around ten times per day.

Egg Whites

Lastly, an eggs white mask can help to eliminate a double chin because of its skin-tightening potency.

Simply whisk together milk, honey and lemon juice with 2 egg whites before topping off with a pinch of peppermint essential oil. Then, apply the mask to your chin and neck before leaving for around half an hour.

Do this once a day for best results.

How to reduce double chin? What are your best tips?

Stay beautiful!

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